Summer Winos

Sunday, 11 October 2020



Sunday, 11 October 2020



Summer Winos

Sunday 11 October

Marking 47 years since the very first broadcast, this new talk show celebrates everything LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE, and is embarking on a nationwide tour this spring.

When does a fondness for a TV show become an obsession? Andrew and Bob’s gentle love of Last of the Summer Wine quickly become a quest to watch all 295 episodes. In order. While visiting locations. Making films. Meeting the cast. Boozing with the writer. And, ultimately, turning their passion into a show. But they’re not obsessed. Are they?

Seven years after embarking on the ‘Summer Winos’ quest, Andrew and Bob take to the stage to explain just how Last of the Summer Wine has taken over their lives, and what YOU can learn from the world’s longest-running sitcom!

There will be dressing up, audience participation, overly-earnest reminiscing, and – brace yourself – kazoos*. The show, which played to hundreds of appreciative fans at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is the finest appreciation of a national institution.

*Bath not included. 

Ticket Prices: £12, £10 (Concessions & Friends of Whitby Pavilion)