Steampunk Sailor Nite

Whitby Steampunk Weekend

Saturday 23 July 2022, 20:00 PM



Saturday, 23 July 2022



Steampunk Sailor Nite

Pavilion Theatre | Whitby Pavilion

Whitby Steampunk Weekend proudly presents 'Steampunk Sailors Nite' featuring Alice Strange and Old Time Sailors

Alice Strange Formerly Alice's Night Circus, Alice Strange is classically trained and started her journey in classical music before venturing into her own style of music which encompasses influences from a wide range of musical genres and literature. She now performs her own original songs.

Alice started singing professionally in her late teens whilst running her own business as a designer of fashion and jewellery. It was however following a meeting with Eliot Kennedy – songwriter and producer - that she ventured into Steelwork Studios to “find” her own sound through the writing of her own songs.

She is a very popular artist within the Steampunk community and is also developing her fan base into the greater population, having performed at Zandari Festa Music Festival in Seoul, South Korea, Whitby Steampunk Weekend, Liverpool Sound City, Lincoln Engine Shed.

Old Time Sailors: Ahoy me hearties! We are the Old Time Sailors, a touring 17 piece shanty/celtic power music group based in North Wales, nothing like what you have seen before!

Old Time Sailors is a musical show designed to take the audience back in time through an unforgettable trip to the 19th century and beyond. We offer every member of the audience a copy of the Sunday Sailor, our own newspaper-shaped programme, which includes sailing trivia, dancing instructions, and the lyrics to all our songs, in order to sing along and become a sailor for one epic moment!

We also give everyone a replica boarding pass to a 19th century ship, where they can fill in their personal info! Our crew is composed of 17 musicians playing fully wireless to ensure proper dynamic movement and interaction with the audience, when the venue allows.

Everything will take place within our magnificent stage set, which is designed to give the audience the sensation of being inside a 19th Century vessel, and we do carry with us a flexible set which can practically fit everywhere, mostly composed of whisky barrels, steamer trunks, and fishing nets!

Price: £20 - plus booking fees.

Venue: Whitby Pavilion Theatre