Cruella (12A)

Covid Friendly/Socially Distanced Performance

Saturday 12 June 2021, 19:00 PM



Saturday, 12 June 2021



Cruella (12A)

Pavilion Cinema | Whitby Pavilion

Before she becomes Cruella de Vil? Teenaged Estella has a dream. She wishes to become a fashion designer, having been gifted with talent, innovation, and ambition all in equal measures.

But life seems intent on making sure her dreams never come true. Having wound up penniless and orphaned in London at 12, 4 years later Estella runs wild through the city streets with her best friends and partners-in-(petty)-crime, Horace and Jasper, two amateur thieves.

When an up-and-coming rock star commissions Estella to design him a signature piece, she begins to feel as though she has truly arrived. But what is the cost of keeping up with the fast crowd- and is it a price Estella is willing to pay?

Screening Times:

Saturday 12 June: 2pm & 7pm

Sunday 13 June: 2pm & 7pm

Monday 14 June: 2pm 

Tuesday 15 June: No Screening

Wednesday 16 June: 7pm

Thursday 17 June: 7pm

Running Time: 95 minutes

Rating: 12A