Sanctum Sanctorium - The Darkside of the 80's

Saturday 27 April 2024, 19:30 PM



Saturday, 27 April 2024



Sanctum Sanctorium

Northern Lights Suite | Whitby Pavilion

Formed through a mutual love of 80’s goth and alternative rock music.

Sanctum Santorium are a live 6-piece band that faithfully recreate classic hits by artists such as The Cult, Killing Joke, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus and more. Smoke machines at the ready with the clothes and the attitude.  Visually and musically, they are startlingly accurate. 

SS deliver a blistering live set from She Sells Sanctuary and Love like Blood through to Bela Lugosi’s Dead & This Corrosion.  Dust down your leather jacket and paint your nails and get ready to be transported to The Dark Side of the 80’s.

£20 - plus booking fees.

Venue: Northern Lights Suite, Whitby Pavilion